Single Chinese Ladies and “Western Men”

Single Chinese ladies are more likely to be educated, successful, and usually more mature than single women from other countries who are Asian. But they too, tend to retain much of the feminine essence that make Asian ladies so appealing to Western men nowadays. This does raise a possible question as to why single Chinese ladies are choosing to date Western men in the first place. In part, it seems as if the younger Chinese generation coming into adulthood has not been reared or molded by their elders in their country’s traditional gender roles. They are typically brought up thinking that dating a Western man means exposing them to Western culture and traditions too quickly and risking a loss of their gender identity – something that is anathema to their upbringing.









Hi, Nice to meet you here. I am real..not fake šŸ˜€I would describe myself: Iā€˜m a humble person good heart and easygoing I like to make people around happy laugh when I see they smile. They make me happy also. I live a calm peaceful in my life. Iā€™m trying to find the right person for me and love who I am. In my free time, I like to do gardening reading, and doing exercises.

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But that is only one side of the coin. On the plus side, single Chinese women have been gaining more ground as western men discover them more attractive. It seems as though the “old style” China girl has been left in the dust as China has opened up more doors to the outside world. The open market created a more equal gender imbalance than ever before – even in north America. In some areas of the USA, there are now more single Chinese women than men.


And because of this dynamic change within the marriage industry, single Chinese women have found themselves more empowered than ever before to realize their dreams of having a high quality western husband. Most single Chinese women think about marrying at least one western male every year. That’s right – every year! This shows how much dreaming can do to the psyche!


This is no accident! Single Chinese ladies are not just randomly picking up western men because they feel like doing it. Rather, these single women have studied and selected their partners carefully and are well aware of all the typical traits of a good partner for marriage. They understand all the psychology behind the Chinese wedding ritual – especially the role of the Chinese brides’ mom.


Single Chinese girls are also quite clever when it comes to using the internet to locate their ideal romance. A huge amount of online dating sites are full of beautiful and handsome western men. Many of these ladies find their life’s perfect match right here on the web.


However, there is a dark side to the whole online dating scene. Many beautiful china-worshiping single Chinese ladies have met sickening sexual predators online. They may appear innocent at first, but they are often willing to deceive and even rape their china-loving partners in order to please their predators. There have been cases of young Chinese girls (and boys) being subjected to such sickening acts, even though they have only been online for less than a month. The sad truth is that countless Chinese women and young western men have been brutally murdered by sadists simply because they failed to put up much resistance when the evil Chinese sex terrorists threatened them with violence.


The sad truth is that Chinese girls have always been vulnerable to such unscrupulous characters. Especially during the time of the Five Families, there was a time when Chinese girls were so easy to rape because of their poverty and hopelessness. Fortunately, there were powerful Chinese women who took on western men and fought back bravely against the disgusting terrorists. Today, Chinese girls still have the strength and character to protect their honor and innocence and are willing to put all their luckiness and beauty to the test – even if this means marrying the biggest pervert in the town!


It is true that the internet has allowed us to experience the depraved acts committed in the name of romance, but this does not make it any more palatable. That said, we must be willing to accept that there are certain undesirable elements in every part of the world. The internet can certainly help people see the uglier side of the situation, but we must not forget that China is just one part of the huge world, and is home to some of the most beautiful and elegant ladies and gentlemen of all times. If we would like to protect Chinese ladies from being brutalized by terrorists and foreign criminals, then we need to educate ourselves about Chinese culture and learn how to appreciate and value the beauty that they have, instead of always expecting such beauty to come from western men.